Wednesday July 23, 2014   10:00 PM
TJ Kong presents: Tom Waits Night

TJ Kong and special guests pay tribute to the gravel-voiced icon and belt out hits and rarities into a whiskey-soaked microphone to a rowdy clan of drunks. Tom Waits Night. FREE

Wednesday July 30, 2014   10:00 PM
TJ Kong presents: Writer's Night In America

Every last Wednesday of the month TJ Kong will curate a night of local Philadelphia writers performing their work. Each writer will read a piece or two or have a piece read by a performer- and then Kong will conduct a short and snappy interview. Some pieces will be current other pieces will be less so but all the writers are alive. Do writers even drink?

Wednesday August 20, 2014   10:00 PM
Chris Aschman

This Modern Jazz Quartet led by Chris Aschman is FREE tonight!

Tuesday August 26, 2014   9:00 PM
Frank Velardo the Ardvark Felon

Guitarist, songwriter and frontman. Great vibes all around with local blues man, Frank Velardo, as he whips out the guitar funk and r&b. FREE

4-6 p.m

$2.50 PBR, Miller Light
and Yuengling Lager.

$15 Margarita pitchers

$4.50 Craft Beer Cans